Sunday, April 9, 2017


1 Dollar Fund For A Worthy Cause: Wanted Good Samaritans!

An artist in the Philippines is currently on a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for his worthwhile projects that he intends to start this year.

Artist Joel Escol, who studied architecture in the previous years, has just launched a campaign at, one of the biggest and tested crowdfunding companies based in the United States.

“I am now looking for good Samaritans of the world who can help me pursue my worthwhile projects this year,” the artist stressed.

Among the projects he mentioned include:

Painting Mini Gallery - This is one of  ultimate projects I envisioned this year so that I will have a display area for my paintings,artworks, illustrations and all works of arts, sketching, drawing, mixed media, digital arts, etc. This will also serves as sanctuary of other poor artists like me who have no means of putting up a small gallery of their artworks.

Pedro Escol Memorial Foundation - I also would like to establish a foundation in memory of my father who died. We had a traumatic experience before my father died on March 3, this year, because we were denied admission at a private hospital just because we were not able to put a $500 down payment. With this foundation, I intend to help families having the same dilemma we just experienced before my father died. It so sad, that even dying patients cannot be admitted right away at the ICU because of financial unavailability the hospital is demanding.

Mobile Art Workshop - I also planned to introduce mobile artwork shop for children, to encourage them to pursue their skills in art and enjoy this talent throughout their lives. This will be a free art workshop that travels from time to time.
The artist hopes to find people with a big heart from all over the world to help him succeed with these projects he envisioned to put to realization.

“My success depends on the good people of the world with a BIG heart. Please join with me and you will be blessed tenfold by the Almighty,” he concluded.

If you want to take part, please visit my campaign on Indiegogo